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Major and Double Major

The major in the study of religion is designed to be completed in two years. It consists of 12 upper-division courses (48 units). Lower-division courses—numbered 1-99—cannot be used for the major. 

Read the general university requirements for a major.

You must obtain a letter grade of C- or better in courses used for the major.

Double Major

You may be eligible to add Study of Religion as a second major provided you are in good academic standing and on track to complete all university and degree requirements within four years. 

Read the general university requirements for a double major.

At least 10 courses must be unique to each major. Two upper-division courses may overlap between the majors. Refer to our course catalog or consult the program coordinator to see which courses you might be able to use for both.

Core Requirements (8 units)

RELI 101. Tools and Methods in the Study of Religion
RELI 189. Seminar in Religion

Arts & Humanities Requirement (8 units)

Select at least two upper-division Arts & Humanities courses from the program's quarterly courselists. RELI 101 cannot be used for this requirement.

Social Sciences Requirement (8 units)

Select at least two upper-division Social Sciences courses from the program's quarterly courselists.

Single-tradition Requirement

Select at least two upper-division program electives that focus on a single religious tradition. Look for these tradition designations on the program's quarterly courselists:

  • (B) Buddhism
  • (C) Christianity
  • (EA) East Asian
  • (H) Hinduism
  • (I) Islam
  • (J) Judaism
  • (P) Paganism

Tradition courses will overlap with the Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, or upper-division elective requirements.

Upper-Division Electives (24 units)

Select additional upper-division courses from the program's quarterly courselists to bring your unit total to 48.

You may petition to use 1-3 upper-division study abroad courses as electives. Petitions will be considered once the study abroad credit and letter grades appear on your UCSD transcript. Be sure to seek advising about course selection from the Study of Religion program director when planning your study abroad program.

Declare the Major or Double Major

Click below to declare the major. To add Study of Religion as your second major, meet with the program coordinator to fill out a double major petition.

Major/Minor Declaration Tool