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Course Catalog

General Guidelines for Majors and Minors

Courses used for the major or minor must be taken for a letter grade and passed with a C- or better.

Lower-division courses may be used for the minor only. While lower-division preparation is recommended for the major, lower-division courses do not count toward the major requirements.

Starred courses (*) can be used for major or minor only when the topic covers religion. Refer to the current quarter's course offerings to find courses that have been vetted for religion content.

Courses that focus on a single religious tradition are designated as follows: (B) Buddhism, (C) Christianity, (EA) East Asian, (H) Hinduism, (I) Islam, (J) Judaism, (P) Paganism.

Refer to Major and Minor pages for course distribution requirements.

Arts & Humanities Courses

Refer to the UCSD General Catalog for course descriptions.


See General Catalog and History for course descriptions.

  • HIEA 126. The Silk Road in Chinese & Japanese History
  • HIEA 137. Women and Family in Chinese History
  • HIEU 104. Byzantine Empire
  • HIEU 105. The Early Christian Church (C)
  • HIEU 107. Pagan Europe & Its Christian Aftermath (RELI 147) (C)
  • HIEU 111. Europe in the Middle Ages
  • HIEU 115. The Pursuit of the Millennium (C)
  • HIEU 125. Reformation Europe
  • HIEU 132. Germany from Luther to Bismark
  • HIEU 158. Why Hitler? How Auschwitz?
  • HIEU 159. Three Centuries of Zionism, 1648–1948 (J)
  • HIEU 163. Special Topics in Medieval History *
  • HINE 102. The Jews in Their Homeland in Antiquity (J)
  • HINE 103. The Jewish Diaspora in Antiquity (J)
  • HINE 108. The Middle East Before Islam
  • HINE 112A. Great Stories from the Hebrew Bible (J)
  • HINE 113. Ancient Near Eastern Mythology
  • HINE 114. The History of the Islamic Middle East
  • HINE 116. Middle East in Age of European Empires (1798–1914)
  • HINE 118. The Middle East in the Twentieth Century
  • HINE 119. US Mid-East Policy Post WWII
  • HINE 126. Iranian Revolution in Historical Perspective
  • HINE 130. Introduction to the Old Testament: Historical Books (JUDA 130)  (J)
  • HINE 131. Introduction to the Old Testament: Poetic Books (JUDA 131) (J)
  • HINE 145. Islam and Science
  • HINE 162. Anthropology and the Hebrew Bible (J)
  • HINE 170. Special Topics in Jewish History (J)
  • HISC 110. Historical Encounters of Science and Religion
  • HISC 166. The Galileo Affair
  • HITO 104. Jews&Judaism in Ancient&Medieval Worlds (J)
  • HITO 124. Mystical Traditions

Humanities (HUM)

Lower Division (Minor Only)

  • HUM 1. Foundations of Western Civilization: Israel and Greece
  • HUM 2. Rome, Christianity, and the Middle Ages

Jewish Studies

See General Catalog and Jewish Studies for course descriptions.

  • JUDA 110. Introduction to Judaism (J)
  • JUDA 130. Introduction to the Old Testament: Historical Books (HINE 130) (J)
  • JUDA 131. Introduction to the Old Testament: Poetic Books (HINE 131) (J)


See General Catalog and Literature for course descriptions.

  • LTEU 158. Single Author in Russian Literature *
  • LTWL 100. Mythology
  • LTWL 129. Wisdom: The Literature of Authority
  • LTWL 135. The Buddhist Imaginary (B)
  • LTWL 136. Socially Engaged Buddhism (B)
  • LTWL 138. Critical Religion Studies
  • LTWL 145. So. Asian Religious Lit: Selected Topics (H)
  • LTWL 157. Iranian Film (I)
  • LTWL 158A. Topics in the New Testament (C)
  • LTWL 158B. Topics in Early Christian Texts and Cultures (C)
  • LTWL 158C. Topics in Other Christianities (C)
  • LTWL 168. Death and Desire in India (H)
  • LTWL 169. Yoga, Body and Transformation (H)

Making of the Modern World (MMW)

Lower Division (Minor Only)

  • MMW 11. Prehistory and Ancient Foundations
  • MMW 12. Classical and Medieval Traditions


See General Catalog and Philosophy for course descriptions.

Lower Division (Minor Only)

  • PHIL 31. Introduction to Ancient Philosophy

Upper Division

  • PHIL 104. The Rationalists
  • PHIL 185. Philosophy of Religion

Study of Religion

See the General Catalog for course descriptions.

Lower Division (Minor Only)

  • RELI 1. Introduction to Religion
  • RELI 2. Comparative World Religions
  • RELI 3. Technoscience and Religion

Upper Division

  • RELI 101. Tools and Methods in the Study of Religion
  • RELI 131. Topics in Religion and Sexuality
  • RELI 132. Topics in Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy
  • RELI 134. Topics in American Religion
  • RELI 141. Public Sphere and Religion
  • RELI 142. Secularization and Religion
  • RELI 143. Topics in Performing Religion
  • RELI 144. Devils and Demons in Christianity (C)
  • RELI 145. Communication, Technology, and Religion
  • RELI 146. Topics in the Religions of Antiquity
  • RELI 147. Pagan Europe & Its Christian Aftermath (HIEU 107) (C)
  • RELI 148. Religion and Women’s Activisms (DEI course)
  • RELI 149. Islam in America (I)  (DEI course)
  • RELI 150. Religion and Cinema
  • RELI 151. Deep Ecology: Knowing Place
  • RELI 153. Hispanic-American Religions
  • RELI 154. Asian-American Religions
  • RELI 155. African-American Religions (DEI course)
  • RELI 156. Posthuman Spirituality
  • RELI 157GS. Religion in Japan (EA)
  • RELI 158GS. Japanese Literature and Spirituality (EA)
  • RELI 159GS. Native Religions
  • RELI 160GS. Religion and Politics
  • RELI 188. Special Topics in Religion
  • RELI 189. Seminar in Religion
  • RELI 196AH-BH. Honors Thesis in Religion (for majors only)

Enrichment Courses

Credit for enrichment courses cannot be used for the major or minor but may count toward total units required for graduation.

Visual Arts

See General Catalog and Visual Arts for course descriptions.

  • VIS 117I. Western and Non-Western Rituals &Ceremonies
  • VIS 120A. Greek Art
  • VIS 120B. Roman Art
  • VIS 120C. Late Antique Art
  • VIS 121AN. Art and Experience in the Middle Ages
  • VIS 121B. Church and Mosque: Medieval Art and Architecture
  • VIS 122AN. Renaissance Art
  • VIS 122D. Michelangelo
  • VIS 124BN. Art and the Enlightenment
  • VIS 126BN. The Art and Civilization of the Ancient Maya
  • VIS 126I. Southwest American Indian Art
  • VIS 126K. Oceanic Art

Social Sciences Courses

Refer to the UCSD General Catalog for course descriptions.


See General Catalog and Anthropology for course descriptions.

Lower Division (Minor Only)

  • ANTH 1. Introduction to Culture

Upper Division

  • ANAR 142. The Rise and Fall of Ancient Israel
  • ANAR 143. Biblical Archaeology—Fact or Fiction
  • ANAR 144. Pharaohs, Mummies, and Pyramids
  • ANAR 153. The Mysterious Maya
  • ANAR 154. Aztecs and their Ancestors
  • ANAR 158. The Inca
  • ANSC 120. Religion and Culture (formerly Anthropology of Religion)
  • ANSC 130. Hinduism (H)
  • ANSC 136. Traditional Chinese Society
  • ANSC 137. Chinese Popular Religion (EA)
  • ANSC 154. Gender and Religion
  • ANSC 160. Nature, Culture, and Environmentalism


See General Catalog and Communication for course description.

Upper Division

  • COMM 176. Communication and Religion

Ethnic Studies

See General Catalog and Ethnic Studies for course descriptions.

Upper Division

  • ETHN 110. Cultural World Views of Indigenous America
  • ETHN 188. African Americans, Religion, and the City

Political Science

See General Catalog and Political Science for course descriptions.

Upper Division

  • POLI 110A. Citizens and Saints: Political Thought from Plato to Augustine
  • POLI 110B. Sovereign Subjects in the Modern State: Machiavelli to Rousseau
  • POLI 121. Government and Politics of the Middle East
  • POLI 121B. Politics in Israel
  • POLI 131. Muslim Integration and Exclusion
  • POLI 136. Religion and Politics


See General Catalog and Sociology for course descriptions.

Lower Division (Minor Only)

  • SOCI 1. Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI 2. The Study of Society

Upper Division

  • SOCI 100. Classical Sociological Theory
  • SOCI 157. Religion in Contemporary Society
  • SOCI 160. Sociology of Culture
  • SOCI 188E. Community and Social Change in Africa
  • SOCI 188F. Modern Jewish Societies and Israeli Society
  • SOCI 188G. Chinese Society