Winter 2018 Courses

  • List is subject to change; courses may be added before the quarter begins.
  • Majors and minors must take courses for a letter grade.
  • To petition a course for the major/minor, submit a student petition to the Study of Religion office upon enrollment.
  • Courses that focus on a single religious tradition are designated as follows: (B) Buddhism, (C) Christianity, (EA) East Asian, (H) Hinduism, (I) Islam, (J) Judaism, (P) Paganism.

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Applicable toward Minor only
ANTH 1 Introduction to Culture LE
HUM 1 Foundations/West Civilization: Israel & Greece LE
MMW 12 Classical & Medieval Tradition LE
RELI 1 Introduction to Religion LE 920280 Kalleres
SOCI 2 The Study of Society LE


Arts & Humanities
HINE 118 Middle East/Twentieth Century LE 924571 Kayali  
JUDA 102 Intermediate Hebrew Texts (J) LE 922392   By petition
LTWL 100 Mythology LE 924378 duBois  
LTWL 157 Iranian Film (I) LE 924380 Rahimi  
LTWL 158C Topics in Other Christianities (C) LE 924381 Kalleres  
PHIL 185 Philosophy of Religion LE 924817 Nelkin  
RELI 134 Topics/American Religion: What in the World is Happening to Religion in America? LE 920278 Cassedy
Social Sciences
ANAR 154 The Aztecs & Their Ancestors LE 923495 Braswell  
ANSC 137 Chinese Popular Religion (EA) LE 923505 Jordan  
ANSC 154 Gender and Religion LE 923507 Brenner  
POLI 110B Sovereigns, Subjects & Modern State LE 925303 Morgan  
POLI 136 Religion and Politics LE 925314 Magagna By petition 
Enrichment (cannot be used for Major or Minor)
RELI 192 Seminar in Religion: Race and Religion (1 unit) [Canceled 12/13/17) SE 930094 Rahimi