Fall 2017 Courses

  • List is subject to change; courses may be added before the quarter begins.
  • Majors and minors must take courses for a letter grade.
  • To petition a course for the major/minor, submit a student petition to the Study of Religion office upon enrollment.
  • Courses that focus on a single religious tradition are designated as follows: (B) Buddhism, (C) Christianity, (EA) East Asian, (H) Hinduism, (I) Islam, (J) Judaism, (P) Paganism.

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Applicable toward Minor only
RELI 2 Comparative World Religions LE 906350 Cohen
MMW 11 Pre-History & Ancient Foundations LE
PHIL 31 Intro to Ancient Philosophy LE
SOCI 1 Intro to Sociology LE


Arts & Humanities [Updated 11/9/17]
HINE 114 History/Islamic Middle East LE 911673 Kayali
HINE 119 U.S. Mid-East Policy-Post WWII LE 911674 Provence
LTWL 136 Socially Engaged Buddhism (B) LE 907370 Cohen By petition
LTWL 138 Critical Religion Studies LE 918127 Kalleres
Social Sciences
POLI 110A Citizens & Saints: Plato to Augustine LE 910512 Goldman
POLI 131 Muslim Integration & Exclusion LE 910519 Nicholson By petition
SOCI 100 Classical Sociological Theory LE 913632 Goldman
SOCI 188F Modern Jewish Society & Israeli Society LE 913664 Cancelled by dept
SOCI 188G Chinese Society LE 913665 Patnode