2017-18 Course Plan for RELI Courses

The below is a partial list of future course offerings. Please check our affiliates' sites to see their offerings.

Fall 2017
RELI 2 Comparative World Religions Cohen
Winter 2018
RELI 1 Introduction to Religion Kalleres
RELI 134 Topics in American Religion Cassedy
Spring 2018
RELI 101 Tools & Methods in the Study of Religion Staff
RELI 151 Deep Ecology: Knowing Place Cohen
RELI 188 Special Topics in Religion: The Devil in Film (C) Kalleres
RELI 189 Seminar in Religion Kalleres
Summer 2018
RELI 149 Islam in America (I) Rahimi

Single Tradition Courses

Partial list of courses that can be used for the single tradition requirement. Please check the quarterly lists of approved electives for complete listings.

Buddhism (B)

Fall 2017 - LTWL 136 Socially Engaged Buddhism (Cohen)

Christianity (C)

Winter 2018 - LTWL 158C Topics in Other Christianities (Kalleres)
Spring 2018 - RELI 188 Special Topics: The Devil in Film (Kalleres)

Islam (I)

Winter 2018 - LTWL 157 Iranian Film (Rahimi)
Summer 2018 - RELI 149 Islam in America (Rahimi)