Spring 2017 Courses

  • List is subject to change; courses may be added before the quarter begins.
  • Majors and minors must take courses for a letter grade.
  • To petition a course for the major/minor, submit a student petition to the Study of Religion office upon enrollment.
  • Courses that focus on a single religious tradition are designated as follows: (B) Buddhism, (C) Christianity, (EA) East Asian, (H) Hinduism, (I) Islam, (J) Judaism, (P) Paganism.

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Applicable toward Minor only
HUM 2 Rome, Christianity and the Middle Ages LE    


Arts & Humanities [Updated 2/21/17]
HINE 118 Middle East in the 20th Century LE 902439 Kayali
HINE 144 Topics/Middle Eastern History: Anthropology and the Hebrew Bible LE 905605 Propp
HINE 145 Islam and Science: History of Science in Middle East 600-1950 LE 902440 Shafir By petition
HISC 110 Historical Encounters of Science and Religion LE 902443 Westman By petition
LTWL 100 Mythology: Myths of the Near East
LE 901697 Myerston
LTWL 145 Topics/S. Asian Religious Literature: Lived Religions of South Asia LE 905893 Jassal
LTWL 158B Topics in Early Christian Texts (C) LE 895829 Kalleres
RELI 101 Tools & Methods in the Study of Religion LE 902141 Kalleres
RELI 134 Topics/American Religion: What's Happening to Religion in America? LE 902142 Cassedy Canceled 2/21/17
RELI 188 Special Topics in Religion: Cultures of Healing LE 902143 Jassal
VIS 117I Western & NonWestern Rituals & Ceremony SE 899180 Sowell
Social Sciences
ANAR 143 Archeology, Anthropology & the Bible LE 901073 Levy
ANSC 100 Spec Top/Socio-Cultural Anthro: Language and Religion LE 901666 Bialecki
COMM 176 Communication and Religion LE 900268 Horwitz
SOCI 100 Classical Sociological Theory LE 897510 Biernacki