Summer 2016 Courses

  • List is subject to change; courses may be added before the quarter begins.
  • Majors and minors must take courses for a letter grade.
  • To petition a course for the major/minor, submit a student petition to the Study of Religion office upon enrollment.
  • Courses that focus on a single religious tradition are designated as follows: (B) Buddhism, (C) Christianity, (EA) East Asian, (H) Hinduism, (I) Islam, (J) Judaism, (P) Paganism.

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Minor only
ANTH 1 Introduction to Culture LE 872822 Garic-Humphrey
SOCI 1 Introduction to Sociology LE 873706 Kenworthy


Arts & Humanities
HINE 114 History of the Islamic Middle East LE  874020 Staff  
RELI 149 Islam in America [DEI course with significant writing] LE 872794 Rahimi  
Social Sciences
POLI 121 Government and Politics of the Middle East LE 872997 Staff
SOCI 100 Classical Sociological Theory LE 873237  Pinzur
SOCI 157 Religion in Contemporary Society LE 873712 Jules-Rosette