Spring 2012 Courses

  • List is subject to change; courses may be added before the quarter begins.
  • Majors and minors must take courses for a letter grade.
  • To petition a course for the major/minor, submit a student petition to the Study of Religion office upon enrollment.

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Minor only
HUM 2 Rome, Christianity and the Middle Ages LE
TWS 25 Middle East Literatures LE   Rahimi  By petition


ANAR 143 Archeology, Anthropology & the Bible LE 744868 Levy
ANSC 100 Topic/SocioCultural Anth: Chinese Heritage in Taiwan LE 748650 Jordan
ANSC 100 Topic/SocioCultural Anth: Islam in the West LE 748651 Ozyurek
Ethnic Studies
ETHN 166 Topics in Arab/Muslim Amer Identity LE 740705 el Tayeb By petition
HIEA 137 Women & Family in Chinese History LE 740954 Cahill  
HIEU 101 Greece in the Classical Age LE 745660
HIEU 104B Byzantine Empire, 7th-11th c. LE 748347 Stephenson By petition
HIEU 158 Why Hitler? How Auschwitz? LE 740962 Hertz  
HIEU 163 Topics/Medieval Hist: Just War. Holy War & Jihad LE 740964 Stephenson
HIEU 163 Topics/Medieval Hist: Witchcraft in the Middle Ages LE 740963 Caciola
HINE 118 Middle East in the Twentieth Century LE 741104 Kayali
HISC 166 The Galileo Affair LE 741108  
HITO 124 Mystical Traditions LE 741114 Herbst  By petition
HIUS 155B Religion & Law: Civil War to Present LE 745657 Parrish
Judaic Studies
LTEN 179 Topics in Arab/Muslim Amer Identity LE 740888 el Tayeb By petition
LTWL 168 Death and Desire in India LE 740915 Cohen
Political Science
Religion, Study of
RELI 110B The Modern Study of Religion LE 738173 Kalleres
RELI 188 Topics in Religion: Religion and Women's Activisms LE 738174 Lewis DEI course
RELI 189 Seminar in Religion: The Holy City of Jerusalem SE 738171 Kalleres
SOCI 154 Religious Institutions in America LE 740677 Evans
SOCI 159 Topics/Soc/Orgs: Religion and Politics LE
740682 Gomez
Visual Arts
VIS 117I Western and NonWestern Rituals & Ceremonies LE 748562 Sowell
VIS 128A Topics/Pre-Modern Art History: Egypt: Art of the Afterlife LE 743279 Woods