Fall 2010 Courses

  • List is subject to change; courses may be added before the quarter begins.
  • Majors and minors must take courses for a letter grade.
  • To petition a course for the major/minor, submit a student petition to the Study of Religion office upon enrollment.

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Minor only
ANTH 1 Introduction to Culture LE
PHIL 31 Intro to Ancient Philosophy LE    
SOCI 1 Introduction to Sociology LE  


ANSC 120 The Anthropology of Religion LE
Ethnic Studies
HIEA 102 The Jews in Their Homeland in Antiquity LE
HIEA 120 Classical Chinese Philosopy and Culture LE
HIEU 158 Why Hitler? How Auschwitz? LE  
HINE 113 Ancient Near East Mythology LE By petition
HINE 114 History of the Islamic Middle East LE
Judaic Studies
JUDA 100 Introduction to Hebrew Bible LE    
LTWL 106  The Classcial Tradition: Myths of Ancient Greeks and Romans LE    
LTWL 138  Critical Religion Studies: Sex and Violence in the Hebrew Bible LE 7  
LTWL 158A  Topics in the New Testament LE
PHIL 185 Philosophy of Religion
Political Science
POLI 110A Political Thought from Plato to Augustine LE
POLI 113A East Asian Thought in Comparative Perspective LE By petition
Religion, Study of
RELI 188 Special Topics: Devils & Demons in Christianity LE   Kalleres
SOCI 100 Classical Sociological Theory LE
SOCI 158 Islam in the Modern World LE
Visual Arts
VIS 128A Topics in Pre-Modern Art History: The Rise of the Middle Ages LE