Jacob Rogozinski

"The Awoval and the Truth: Torture and Confession in the Witch Hunt"

Thursday, March 3, 2016
4:00 PM
deCerteau Room (LIT 155), Department of Literature
Voigt Drive at Matthews Lane, UC San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093

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Jacob Rogozinski is among the contemporary thinkers who have reflected most in depth on the question of the subject as unique existence and as body. The Ego is the locus of an intense conflict between the unified body and the multiple affects–the flesh [See The Ego and the Flesh, Stanford U Pr. 2014]; in this gap appears the ambiguous power of the remainder.

This reflection it at the core of his recent book [not yet translated into English], They Hated Me for no Reason: From Witch Hunting to Terror [2014]. Of this book Le Monde, the leading French daily newspaper, writes: “This is a great book, which should become a work of record. Jacob Rogozinski successfully combines precise historical documentation, inventive and rigorous reflection, and evocative power: a tangible breath brings life to the reading of this complex elucidation. Constantly engaged in a dialog with Michel Foucault and Carlo Ginzburg while silently connected with all the victims of whom only their names remain, with this master work Jacob Rogozinski provides us with a major reflection on hatred, terror, and modernity.”

Like the persecution and sometimes extermination of lepers, Jews, and heretics, the witch hunt has developed in the West in a way that has not been observed in other civilizations. In Europe this problem did not characterize the Middle-Ages, but the next age: the Modern Times. Why? This involves in a precise way the relationship among truth, power, and identity. It will be the central question of the talk.

Jacob Rogozinski is Professor of Philosophy and Metaphysics at the Marc-Bloch University, Strasbourg.


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